Experience weightlessness with the Zero Gravity chair.

The design of a zero gravity recliner allows the user to rest in a position where the legs are higher than the heart. This specific posture ensures optimal distribution of the body weight, which reduces pressure on the spine and joints. The result is a deep feeling of relaxation and relief from back pain, which contributes to better circulation and general health.


There are three different types of zero gravity recliners. Below we answer the most common questions about these zero gravity recliners.

Experience weightlessness with the Zero Gravity chair.

Zero gravity recliners are a technological tour de force in the field of comfort and relaxation at home. Inspired by the posture of astronauts during launch, which is designed to minimize pressure on their bodies, these seats simulate a weightlessness condition. This innovative concept offers a range of health benefits and an unprecedented level of comfort for users

The benefits of zero gravity recliners extend to improving heart function and reducing leg swelling. By raising the legs above heart level, these chairs promote the return of blood to the heart, which optimizes blood circulation and can reduce the risk of varicose veins. These positions also promote deeper breathing, which can reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality.

Zero gravity recliners are not only functional, but also stylish. They are designed to fit seamlessly into the modern home, with a range of designs and materials to suit different aesthetic preferences. Additionally, they are equipped with several luxurious features, such as massage programs, heating options, and customizable supports, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.