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As one of the pioneers in online furniture sales, the website was founded at the end of 2004.

At that time, the website was only suitable for use on desktops and laptops. It was one of the first online stores to offer furniture online, paving the way for the digitalization of the furniture industry. Although the website was not optimized for mobile devices at the time, it was a step forward in making furniture purchases available over the Internet. made it possible for people to easily view and buy furniture from home, without having to visit physical stores. (version 1.0)

In 2013, the renewed website was launched, with an improved layout compared to the previous site (

The range was reduced slightly, but more emphasis was placed on relaxing chairs and sofas. The new website was also optimized for use on smartphones and tablets. This made it easy for users to visit the site and view the range, regardless of the device they were using. This adjustment made it even more convenient for customers to shop and choose their desired recliners and sofas from their mobile devices.

This update to the website provided an improved user experience and allowed customers to find and purchase their furniture in a simple and intuitive way.

Relax (version 2.0)

After ten years of swissrelax, two challenges arose: First, the software of the old version of the website was outdated. This led to slowness and suboptimal display on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The second problem we encountered was difficulties in customer communication. A more advanced website was needed to more efficiently follow up and support customers after their purchase.

After a year-long development process, (version 2) was launched.

This new version of the website represents a significant improvement, including faster loading times, better optimization for mobile devices and a modern layout.

By implementing automatic billing, it is no longer necessary for customers to wait for their purchase confirmation or navigate a complicated process after their purchase. Once an order has been completed, the invoice is automatically created and sent to the customer. This makes the entire process more efficient and increases customer satisfaction. Customers can now enjoy improved follow-up and support after an order.