Warranty and repair

All swiss-relax.be products have a 2-year legal warranty as standard.

5 years pro rata

The following electric recliners have an additional 3-year warranty, with a total of 5 years pro rata:

  • Zero Gravity relaxation chair
  • Relaxation chair Zero Gravity Plus
  • Relaxation chair Zero Gravity Pro
  • Palermo (leather)
  • Vivaldi
  • Medicare 1 motor and 2 motor
  • Malmo (2 engine and 3 engine)
  • Stockholm relax


If you need a repair, you can book it online here.

To avoid misunderstandings (think of a change of address), you cannot arrange this by telephone.

  • The additional warranty does not apply to replacement seats, batteries sold separately or to batteries incorporated into an existing seat or bed or accessories.
  • Additional warranty only applies to direct purchases via the swiss-relax.be webshop and is not transferable to third parties.
  • You can find the general terms and conditions here. click here.