Fast delivery

We deliver quickly from stock on the day of your choice.

30 days returns

Always 30 days returns on online orders (distance purchasing)

Easy returns

No complex procedure, just send an email.

30-day returns on all relax chairs, sofas and box springs ordered online

  • The return period starts on the day you receive the item.
  • Valid on all relax chairs, sofas and mattresses ordered online.
Notify us within 30 days
  • A new sofa or box spring is like a new pair of shoes: You have to use it for a while to get used to it. We therefore suggest using our products for at least a week before requesting a return.
  • The date of delivery counts as 1 day.


  • Send an email to our customer service to arrange a return.
  • After receiving your details, we will collect the returns.

Delivery & return transport

  • Delivery is free.
  • We only charge the transport costs of the return, namely 69 euros per product.