Electric box spring

From 399 euros

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Finishing of the board in cold foam, with a stainless steel mattress pad.

Movable back and foot

Two Silent Drive motors (foot and back) with a wireless remote control.

Operate foot and back separately or together.

Sturdy and in steel

  • Sturdy steel frame with steel legs.
  • Recommended maximum weight 120kg

Ergonomic design

Extra support for your back

Zero Gravity Box Spring

From 899 euros

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USB connection left and right

No assembly required

We deliver this Zero-G Boxspring fully finished to your home. You just have to turn the legs in by hand and you are ready for a better night's sleep.

Zero-G | Heart balance position

At the touch of a button, the bed automatically tilts into a position that removes any form of muscle tension and pressure in the back.

Includes German OKIN engines, LED lighting and a wireless remote control.


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