Protective layer via impregnation

Impregnating a marble table is important to protect it against stains and damage. The impregnation makes the surface water and dirt-repellent, so that spilled liquids are less likely to penetrate into the marble. This extends the life and appearance of the table.

Child-friendly board: without sharp edge

Round edge without sharp corners.

Oak legs

Solid wood legs in oak

19 mm thick marble, polished

Polishing a marble table improves its shine and appearance, removes minor scratches and blemishes, and protects the surface from future damage and stains.

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about these marble tables.

Elegant, durable and versatile

Customer photo from Bruges

Thanks to Sophie for this entry (marble table, 125cm)

Customer photo from Ghent

Table 100cm (without chairs)

Customer photo from Brussels

Marble table, size 100cm