Cover in Coolmax

Coolmax® is the king among the fibres: The surface area is up to 25% larger than normal fibres
perspiration can be removed faster and more effectively.

Importance of ventilation

Ventilation is important when processing perspiration. That is why the cushion contains both horizontal and vertical air channels. These air ducts provide fresh air with every movement.

The importance of memory foam

Memory foam in a pillow provides pressure relief, support and comfort while sleeping. It adapts to the shape of the head and neck, which ensures a good sleeping position and reduces neck and back complaints.

Memory foam with Thermogel

To handle your body heat even better, we laminate an extra layer of 2 cm thermogel memory foam on this pillow.

We answer the most common questions about this memory foam pillow below.

For after

The zip-off (and washable) Coolmax corner ...




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