Blood circulation

Legs lie just above your heart, which ensures better blood circulation.

Adjustable neck support

Adjustable neck support, can move forward and backward.

Zero-Gravity Posture

Zero-G, also known as “heart balance”
position is experienced as very soothing. Zero G pose relaxes the
spine due to decompression of the vertebrae. You feel the pressure immediately
Reduce. Back pain reduces or even disappears.

Finishing top layer

Top layer of high-quality cold foam & fibers for truly comfortable sitting and lying.

Automatic operation

It tilts at the touch of a button
recliner chair automatically moves into a position that prevents any form of
muscle tension and pressure in the back is removed. There is one for this
separate Zero-G button provided on the control.

Below we answer the most common questions about this zero gravity seat.

Recommended for users up to 185 cm.

Ergonomics & composition

Various studies confirm it: the ideal angle between the thighs, spine and legs is approximately 105 degrees. This position prevents excessive pressure on the intervertebral discs and ensures relaxed seating comfort.

We have also provided the zero gravity seat with an integrated topper. The top layer of the seat consists of a combination of high-quality cold foam and polyester fibers that have pressure-relieving properties.

The 105 degree angle, the integrated topper and the zero gravity function make this seat the ideal choice for back comfort.

Temporarily with free wireless control

You can magnetically click this control onto the armrest of the seat. This can be done on both the left and right.

  • Top left button: Backrest up
  • Top right button: Backrest down
  • Center Left Button : Foot section down
  • Center Right Button : Foot section up
  • Button Bottom Left: Automatic to Zero Gravity
  • Bottom Right Button: Auto off Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity attitude

This relaxation chair ensures that your body is in a unique zero gravity position, so that your back muscles can relax optimally. This position is also used to transport astronauts to space comfortably. Thanks to this seat, your body is placed in exactly the same position, which relieves all forms of muscle tension and pressure in your back.

3 colors in stock

  • Black
  • Taupe
  • Cognac

Up to 5 years warranty

We believe in our quality, and you will notice this in the extra-long warranty. Own repair service, also on Sundays. More info.

Customer service

We answer emails Monday to Saturday, including most public holidays.

Sustainable leather

Our quality leather is a real natural product: supple, strong and durable. More information about the composition .