Smart Nap

Press to select the desired nap timer. Choose your example 1 hour, then the seat will automatically adjust from lying position to sitting position after 1 hour.


Relax — Press to activate a gentle air massage, perfect for relaxing and loosening muscles.

Infrared heater

Infrared heating aimed at the lower back.


Press to activate a gentle to medium massage that focuses on stretching the spine to relieve stress.


Lumbar — Press to activate lumbar support, then press again to stop at desired inflation. Press a third time to deflate.

Below we answer the most common questions about this zero gravity seat.

Recommended for users up to 185 cm.

Zero Gravity attitude

  • This relaxation chair ensures that your body is in a unique zero gravity position, so that your back muscles can relax optimally. This position is also used to transport astronauts to space comfortably. Thanks to this seat, your body is placed in exactly the same position, which relieves all forms of muscle tension and pressure in your back.
  • Sit back in the comfort of zero gravity with a simple press of the ZeroG button on the remote control.
  • To enhance the ZeroG function, we integrate a memory foam topper into the backrest of this Zero Gravity Pro.

Wave Therapy air massage

Thanks to the Wave Therapy air massage system, you can choose between the Relax or Stretch program to completely relax your back. In addition, there is a separate function for the lumbar zone via an electric lumbar pump.

infrared heater

The deep, restorative infrared heating improves your body's recovery process.

Infrared heat ensures optimized blood circulation. The lower back particularly benefits from this infrared heating.

Tip! By combining the electrically adjustable lumbar pump, the zero gravity function and the massage function, you create the ultimate pampering experience for your back.

Rotatable & adjustable

  • The durable steel base rotates 275 degrees, allowing you to rotate in any direction you prefer, and features an automatic lock when reclining.
  • You can easily place the ergonomic neck pillow higher or lower.

Lumbar pump

With a lumbar pump in the backrest you can regulate the degree of support of the lumbar support yourself, allowing you to give the lower back more or less support.




5 years warranty

We believe in our quality, and you will notice this in the extra-long warranty. Own repair service, also on Sundays.

Customer service

We answer emails Monday to Saturday, including most public holidays.

Sustainable leather

Our quality leather is a real natural product: supple, strong and durable. More information about the composition .