Recommended for users up to 185 cm.

Medicare with 2 engines

In addition to the stand-up function, this 2-motor Medicare also has the option to operate the back support and leg support separately. This way you can place the footrest up without the backrest moving.

How? At the top 2 buttons for the backrest and at the bottom 2 buttons for the foot valve.


  • You can adjust the footrest and backrest independently of each other.
  • Suitable for an afternoon nap (the backrest can be lowered).
  • Better for fluid in the legs (the foot valve can be higher).
  • Recommended up to 105kg.

Medicare with 1 engine

With a 1-motor stand-up chair, 1 motor does all the work: The backrest and leg support simultaneously tilt to a standing or sitting position and back again. You can also put this 1-motor stand-up chair in a comfortable lying position. This seat is very easy to operate with just 2 buttons.

Important to know: The back and leg rest cannot be operated separately.

Recommended up to a maximum of 85 kg.

Sturdy Steel Frame

Relaxation chairs for the long term. Sturdy and solid. (Photo is of the Medicare with 2 engines)


1 engine/2 engines: the difference


The highest foot valve is that of the Medicare with 2 engines. Also note that the backrest can be a lot lower.

A higher footrest for sitting and a lower backrest for lying down.




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